Sunday, September 21, 2008

Things I've learned about ME this week

I've learned that

A: Patio furniture flying across the yard pretending to be demolition derby cars can be both highly amusing and extremely frightening at the same time.

B: When a large tree branch breaks and crashes to the ground it sounds like it's happening right in the room with you, even though it's 2 acres out in your yard.

C: I feel compelled to help even when the only thing I have to offer is a hot shower, a free meal, Internet access and a daily fix of television.

D: One day in a tweenager's life involves dealing with more drama than you'll see in a month's worth of soap opera's.

E: When it comes to outdoor fires I morph from a nature loving hippie Mom to something resembling a destructive teenage boy. Meaning I keep throwing wood on to make it bigger and hotter and then I get all giddy and start tackling children while shrieking "Just look at the size of that inferno!!!! Wow!". The inferno pictured below is the tail end of it after I exhausted all the fallen trees and branches within a two neighbor radius.

In other news I finished it! Yay!

Oh? What did I finish. The Pop Tart scarf! Yay! Or is it Poptart scarf? Either way, Yay! I luvs it so I feel the need to make one for myself eventually. This one, and it's successor that I'm currently working on, are going to an online friend of mine.

My husband's reaction to the coolness that is toaster pastries in scarf form? "That would be so much cooler if they were Blueberry Pop Tarts." Very supportive, isn't he. Makes you just want to hide all the batteries from the t.v. remote before he gets home from work, doesn't it?

I also have a new favorite hobby. I've already been a freak about hitting the sweater section of my local Thrift store to find things to cut apart, now I'm unraveling them too. Any natural or light colored wool sweater gets brought home to be unraveled and re-dyed. Now I've moved on to unraveling any sweater that has yarn that catches my fancy. I fell in love with the colors in the sweater below (is a sleeve in the picture) but I hated the boxy shape and overall ugliness of the piece.

I think it will get a lot more use in it's new life as, yes... I'm kind of stuck on these lately for some reason, a scarf of the striped variety. It's orange, red, brown, green and PURPLE.

(said in my best Spongebob Squarepants voice)

"I love purple"

Here are some more soon to be butchered sweaters. The gray one is acrylic but the shading of the stripes just kills me. It's gorgeous. The red one is 100% cashmere. Eeek! Cashmere yarn!


What will I do with it? I dunno, but it's cashmere!!! Then there is a natural colored wool one and a heathered beige that is a cashmere, angora and wool blend. I've already started on the cashmere and cashmere blend ones. I almost want to carry that little red ball around with me to pull out and show people. "Look! It's a cute lil' ball of cashmere yarn! Don't you just love it?!! Here, touch it. Seriously. I said touch it! Isn't it soft, aren't you glad you touched it? Aren't you jealous that you don't have a teeny tiny ball of cashmere yarn?"

I have restrained myself thus far because I'm already a known oddity and really don't need to help solidify that image. I don't know how much longer I can restrain myself though.

It. is. cashmere. yarn.

Eeeek! (again)

*thud* (again)

And this.

How embarrassing is this? I miss my drawing table/work space/computer desk. This silly glass thing is too small for everything I have to do. Yes it takes up less space, but I don't buy the Old Man's thought that it looks nicer than the other one. Really? The crapola piled here, there and everywhere on the too small surface looks better? Well color me confuzzled, I prefer to be able to get to my keyboard. Heck, I'd be happy if I could just see the dang thing. Oh wait, there it is. Okay, all is good again.

See me in red taking the picture? See Sky in black brushing her hair? See us not being aware we'd be in the picture because we aren't vampires whose reflections won't show up in mirrors? Dorks.

Although, in my Old Man's defense my desk rarely looks like this. I was in the middle of twenty different things that day and kept stopping and putting said things down on my desk instead of putting them away like they should be. I just decided to document and then publicly shame myself over the condition of my desk in order to motivate myself to not let it happen again.

I have two new reasons to sew this week so hopefully I get around to it. The first is the material for Anna's costume arrived in the mail. It's soft and brightly colored. I might not even need to sew it into anything as she seems to like wearing it as is.

The second is a little device called a Chenille Rotary Cutter. I bought it a week ago and have been looking at it longingly (is that a word?) everyday since. I have got to use that thing this week or risk driving myself insane(er) from this silly creative itch that needs scratching. Hopefully I can post pics soon of the fugliness that has been created using the above mentioned items.

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