Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ahhh... The Perils of Love, Sweet Love

I asked my husband via text whether he would be willing to stop at the grocery store for me on his way home from work. He responded that as long as I was able to keep it under twenty items that it shouldn't be a problem, and to send him the list. After poking around in the cupboards and fridge I figured out what I needed him to pick up for me and I let him know. I am so damn awesome that I even sent him two more text messages with helpful hints about where he could find some of the items.

I'm just nice like that.

He responded with "Nevermind, go yourself."

Um... excuse me?

Of course I had to question why he suddenly had a change of heart. His next text read "What is this... Rotel. 2 pkg lady fingers. Marscapone?! Is that even food? What is that, can I even buy that at the grocery store?"

A better wife than I would spare her husband the agony of Saturday afternoon grocery shopping; as well as sparing herself the disappointment when he comes home with all the wrong items, but not me. I simply typed back "Dude. Quit 'yer whining, just go get it".

The Love... can you feel it? It's almost overwhelming isn't it? I admit I do feel a tad justified now for all of the times that he's stolen my pillow out from under my head in his sleep and used it for himself.

I have just spent the past twenty minutes googling images online so that I could text them to my husband in an attempt to help him find the items on my list, (mascarpone cheese, anyone?) as well as offering up various locations in the store where he can search for said items.

Really, I don't know it he's being obtuse on purpose to annoy me or in an attempt to never have to go to the grocery store for me again, but I don't care. I'm laughing so hard at his pitiful texts pleading for help that it makes it all worth it.

Poor little fella.

Update number 2:

It's been half an hour since my last update and he still isn't home. He's also stopped responding to my texts. Should I be concerned? Do you think he left me? Maybe he's just laying in a fetal position next to milk cursing the day he decided to marry me?

Update number 3:

It's 9:30 at night, all of the wee nerdlets are finally asleep and the hubby is almost there himself. I, on the other hand, am about to head out the door to the grocery store to pick up some mascarpone cheese *bemused smirk* Later tonight I'm sure that I will be found chugging what espresso I don't use in the tiramisu just so I can stay awake to finish making it.


RevMrsNovaWright said...

Jeez Chrissy!! Hahahaa you for real crack me up!! He should've asked the associates who work there where to find the cheese! But real men don't ask for directions to places/objects they've never heard of. LOL!

sedgwic said...

I can't find you on FB!!!???? You OK?
sedgfoto at yahoo dot com