Monday, January 5, 2009

New Dishes and Dremel Fun

Okay, okay. It's been forever since I've posted. It really has been a hectic two months. I spent half of October and a good part of November crafting for a local fair. The rest of November and most of December were full of me being sick, trying to get *it* together for the Holidays, and then the kids and I all being sick together.

In that order.


It seems to have quieted down finally and now I'm back to being lazy crafty again which thrills me to no end. I once more have hundreds of ideas playing bumper cars in my brain and enough time to work on maybe two of them. Three if I don't sleep.

The good news is that Nai's grandmother gave him a huge accessory kit for a Dremel for Christmas. After reading the package and seeing all the fun things it could be used for I started to get really excited about using it. Then Nai went informed me that we didn't actually own a Dremel.

What the?!... Really? That stinks.

So the other day as I was wandering dazedly through our local home goods store in search of caulk and weather stripping I ended up in the power tools section. Partially because I couldn't find the stuff in any of the more obvious places I had looked but also because I was running errands without the kidlets for a change and was determined to stretch my kid free time out as far a humanly possible. As luck would have it they do not carry insulating products in the power tool section but they do have Dremels there.

Did you know you could engrave on glass with those things? I didn't know either, the accessory kit hadn't mentioned that. It sealed the deal. I was buying one of these suckers. The fact that I didn't have any glass laying around to engrave didn't deter me any.

As I continued my search for the elusive weather proofing materials I wracked my brain trying to think of what I could use the Dremel on first. Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed a boxed set of clear glass dishes on clearance.

"Wow! This store has everything!" I thought. "Well, except stuff to keep the cold air out of my house and the warm air in." Then I picked up the box of dishes and dumped them in my cart. I also decided to give up on looking for the caulk and weather stripping as it was starting to get expensive.

Once I arrived home I excitedly showed Nai what I had bought. He wasn't quite as over the top thrilled about the purchases as I was but he did have enough decency to feign interest and asked me what I was going to engrave on the dishes.

Uh.... stuff.

I hadn't thought that far ahead. That had the gears working in my brain as I started dinner. I was a little distracted though. Every time I opened the fridge to get out an ingredient that I needed for our meal some of the kids artwork would dislodge from the front and float to the floor. I had a neat little stack by the time the meal was in the oven and so I absentmindedly started to sort them into piles according to who had drawn what.

I bet you've already figured out where I'm going with this, haven't you?

Yep, I decided my new set of dishes should feature original drawings from the kiddie's.

I made my first plate today using a recent drawing of Jon's. It's a dessert plate rather than a dinner plate, because it was more for practice. The drawing is of my baby brother (or Uncle Bubby as he's known to my children) handing out presents at Christmas. On the left side of drawing in green is my brother Jason's gorgeous wife Carrie.

Close up of the plate. Not too bad for my first try. Of course I was copying a three year old's drawing, so any goofs (and I assure you there are plenty) weren't as noticeable.

Wee!!! Cast shadows and artsy fartsy-ness with my new camera.

What you would see if you were sitting in my family room holding a glass plate in front of your face. Except you wouldn't see this, because the wee little one in the picture is in bed now, not in the family room.

Har dee har har. I kill me.

So yeah, I'm positively tickled with my new project and can hardly wait to start on the rest of the set. I might need to venture back the aforementioned store for more glass tips though. With my luck I won't be able to find them, but I should come across weather stripping instead.

On another note, we have a new style of decor in our humble abode. It is a modern look and a collaborative effort between my youngest Anna-Marie, my stoopid dog Maxaroni and my friend Kim.

Max laid claim to the arm of the futon less than two hours after we moved it into this room, Kim supplied the cute stickers and Anna Banana artfully decorated the chewed up arm of the futon with them. Then she stuck a Ritz cracker on them.

Très Chic, no?


Kim said...

Love the plate!

Glad you like the stickers!

Christina (That would be me) said...
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Christina (That would be me) said...

Thanks Kim! The last sheet of stickers have been hidden. I'm saving them for a special day. Like when I'm going to go insane if I don't get just five minutes to myself.

That's when I'll whip those bad boys out and let her go to town on the rest of the furniture.

P.S. I totally and accidentally completely deleted this comment above. Yes I am a ditz.

January 9, 2009 9:22 PM