Friday, January 9, 2009

Sewing and Knitting and WIP's! Oh my!

I haven't posted any projects on here in a while although I have tons I could share.

Tons, I say... TONS!

I won't post all of them, I'm sure you're very much relieved about that. I will however post pictures of the ones I've worked on in the last 3 weeks or so much to your dismay for your viewing pleasure.

Lucky you.

The first is Anna-Marie's Christmas dress with a matcing jumper for her doll. I felted a wool sweater that had a gorgeous sequined snowflake pattern throughout to make the material. I wish the doll's dress had lined up the pattern better but it was an afterthought made from remnants.

Anna Banana liked it so much she got sick all over it Christmas Eve.


I personally love the next dress. It's my little April Cornell wannabe dress. I experimented with a lot of *firsts* with this one. My first time doing pintucks, my first time attaching a peter pan collar, my first time sewing in a zipper the correct way.

Generally I modify the pattern so it closes with buttons but not this time. It turned out okay. I mean, it zips and that's what it's supposed to do so that equals okay in my book.


Here's a close up of the bodice. Ahhhh!!! I can barely look at it. That silly, stupid sash! It's driving me insane. One side was just a little lower than the other. I decided to do a quick fix and dug out my seam ripper. I removed the sash from one side. Then I realigned it up perfectly, basted it on, checked the alignment again to make sure it was perfect and sewed it on. Now the one side isn't lower than the other, it's higher.

I've decided to just let it be before I end up with huge holes in the front.


I'm not sure what this is going to be. The design was inspired by a line of children's clothing from the Gap called Woodsy Treehouse. I'm thinking it wants to be a pillow but we'll see. It has to actually get finished before it aspires to be anything.


Muhwahahaha! It's the mystery lady. I'm gonna be honest, my confidence of my drawing skillz are in the toilet right now because of this next piece of work. Nobody can tell me who it is. I thought it was a fair rendition, not spot on but at least showing a resemblance. Everyone keeps saying "Is it supposed to be you?"




Smocking! My first, I just started learning how to do this earlier in the week. I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing and it shows. Nice colors though. The white on white works wonderfully for hiding mistakes.


Scarf, scarf, scarfity scarves. Scarve-ishness!

Oh lookie, there is Jon's scarf that I blogged about oh... 4 months ago?

It is so not done. He's a tad put out about that but has quit asking me when it will be. I think he's resigned himself that it's going to be a High School graduation present. The boy is currently only 3 years of age. Poor kid.


In other news last night was such a calm and quiet night around here. Sky lay curled on the futon reading, Jon and Taylor were sitting together coloring while Anna played on the floor with her doll.

I was quietly working with my embroidery while Nai played accoustic guitar.

It was just a very content feeling.

It's these types of moments that make me pause and give thanks. There's nothing more that I need in the world than what I have.


I have to post this last picture. It's a Christmas ornament that hung on our tree. It's one of my favorite ones. Just a simple red felt heart that my Mother made when I was younger. For some reason this year I didn't want to pack it away with the rest.

I hung it instead in the archway between the kitchen and playroom. It brings a small smile to my face every time I catch a glimpse of it.


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