Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sugar! Sugar! SUGAR! Sugar!Sugar!Sugar!Sugar! Suuuu-gar...

Note to self:
While both washing the dishes and playing on Facebook are simple enough activities for me to perform at 11:00 in the evening, only one of them is simple enough for me to perform at 5:00 in the morning. From here on out, choose more wisely.

I also decided that this morning it would be interesting to put my sugar and creamer into my mug before I added my coffee just to get a visual of how much I really use.

How is it possible that I even have teeth after fifteen or so years of drinking my daily java like this?

Over the Holiday break from school my son and my middlin' daughter started out playing with each other nearly non-stop. This short lived affection for each other lasted a mere four days and then they spent the entire time fighting with each other and trying to persuade me to referee their arguments.

Ha! Right! Good luck with that one, Bucko!

My final word on the matter was to inform the both of them that since they seemed to be bent on destroying the other and making one another's life miserable that they were grounded from playing together period.


They spent the rest of the Holiday break sneaking around and quietly playing together in an effort to defy mean, old Mom and her stupid punishments.

Reverse pyschology; I get that it would work on the five year old, but on the eleven year old? Really?!

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