Monday, January 3, 2011

Black and White

What a stupidly misleading title for this post. The person who came up with it should be fired henceforth with no compensation pay.

The person who came up with actually doesn't get paid so that wouldn't be much of a loss.

The person who doesn't get paid to write misleading titles would like you to please quick smirking at her now.

::gives you the stink eye::

Good, now that we have that out of the way guess what I'm holding in my grubby little paw?

Woodless colored pencils!

The above picture is sideways and it is annoying the heck out of me. Not so much that I'm willing to log out and go rotate it, but enough to seethe about it and bring the fact to your attention. I'm willing to forgive and forget my laziness if you are.

I'm willing to forgive and forget my laziness even if you aren't.

I'm special like that, I think it's a middle child thing.

I lurve my pencils. They don't come in a huge array of colors (I have only 24 of them to call my own) but they still have a nice selection of shades to choose from. The whole woodless concept is interesting and gives the pencil a nice smooth feel which makes it easier to create value when I work with them. They aren't blendable which makes me sad, but you can create broad strokes by laying them at an angle while you draw so I forgive them for their unblendability.

Disclaimer: Unblendability isn't a real word.

Making up words that barely make sense, I'm pretty sure that is also another middle child thing.

Don't try to convince me otherwise, I'm sure of it. I wonder if stubborness is also a middle child thing? But I digress...

These pictures make me want to kick back and draw a little.

Or a lot.

On the wall.

Ha! Just kidding, of course I wouldn't draw on the wall.

Or would I? I think that's probably a middle child thing as well. So is blaming your birth order for your own bad habits.

Okay, that last one might just be a Christina thing.

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