Tuesday, October 7, 2008

He Said What?!!

Nai and I were watched the movie "Iron Man" last night. It's a really good movie, especially in the eyes of a geeky, comic book loving gal like myself.

At one point Stark walks past an older man surrounded by young women and says something along the lines of "Looking good, Heff!". Hugh Hefner turns around to see who is speaking to him and that when I bounce off the couch, punch Nai in the arm and shriek "Look! It's Stan Lee!"

Nai, with a blank look on his face "Who's Stanley?"

That gave me pause so I looked at him incredulously and said slowly "Stan Lee..." then I thought to add "You're a boy. You better not let the other boys hear you say stuff like Who's Stanley? or you're never going to live it down."

So he responds "Oh!!... That Stanley! I knew that..."

Yeah, quick thinking there ya doofus. I still love him, in spite of it all. LOL

Check here for all of Stan Lee's cameos on youtube:


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