Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bad Habits Die Hard

The Setting: A cold Winter evening a few years back, in a junky old car pulling out of the drive-through at your typical burger joint.

The Cast: My friend and I

My friend "What are you doing?"

I "... eating fries"

My friend "With your gloves on?"

I "My hands are cold"

My friend "Doesn't that make your gloves all nasty and greasy?"

I "They can be washed"

My friend "Okay, but doesn't it get fuzzies all over your food?"

I, chewing thoughtfully before swallowing "I don't taste any more fuzziness than usual"

My friend "Eww... I can't take you anywhere, can I?"

I "You know you love me."

My friend "Yes,but why I love you is beyond me."

Ha! Why am I typing a conversation from years back? Probably because tonight I picked up dinner for our little family at another typical burger joint drive through. It was cold. I had on gloves. I finished the fries before even getting the food home and no, I did not take my gloves off to eat them. (((Andrea))) I'm thinking of you tonight, sweetie.

Did I tell you my husband has been replaced by aliens? I'm okay with this. Three times this week I have woken up to a cup of coffee on my desk made just the way I like it, for no reason at all.

One day I also woke up to a back rub for no reason at all.

The other day as I cleaned, while dancing around the playroom listening to the Oldies station full blast on the radio, Nai swept me into his arms as he wandered past and danced through the room with me for no reason at all.

Yesterday I kept catching my husband watching me and smiling to himself. I questioned him about it "What?! Are you laughing at me because my hair is braided into pigtails? You think I'm goofy looking?"

He tugged a braid, smiled and replied "No, not goofy looking. I think you look really cute with your hair like that."

So yes, he's been abducted by aliens and replaced with this. I'm not going to question it. I'm just going to be happy that after a few years of marriage he still gets a goofy grin on his face at the silly things I do, the same as he did when we were dating. Heaven knows he still makes my heart skip a beat, alien or not.


sewtakeahike said...

so sweet, my eyes are a little misty after reading your post! Such sweet, simple little things!

Christina (That would be me) said...

Aww thanks for the comment! I'm loving the behaviour while it lasts. Once Nai is aware he's doing it I'm sure he'll aghast and stop LOL