Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wee Tiny Elf Hats

I made not one, but two little elf hats this weekend. It was part out of a desire to make crocheted elf hats and part necessity. You see a few months ago I received the cutest green fleece elven hat sewn by an awesome lady named Rose. You can find her items Here if you're interested.

The hat is sized for an adult because I wanted it for me, and when I happily showed it to my lovely children I made sure they knew that THIS was MY hat. Mine. Not theirs.

They all nodded their heads solemnly and assured me that they understood. Two seconds later they were fighting over who would get to wear it first.

Hello! It's mine! I get to wear it first.

Finally it was somehow decided that we would just take turns wearing MY hat. It works well. I get to wear it while they sleep at night and for the most part Anna-Marie wears it the rest of the time. She'll put up quite a fight if one of the other children tries to take it from her.

The only real problem is that it's a bit too big for little Anna and she can't see while wearing it. This doesn't deter her in the least. It certainly doesn't keep her from wearing the hat nor does it keep her from walking while it's on her head. All it does is cause her to walk into walls with a greater frequency than any other child in the known Universe.

She's okay with this.

I, on the other hand am not.

I worry she might knock herself senseless or even worse *gasp* mess up my hat in some way.


That's why when I came across This Free Pattern on the Lion Brand Yarn website I knew that I had to make a little Anna sized elf hat. Lion Brand doesn't refer to it as an elf hat, of course. They use the dorkalicious title of "Earflap Hat" but that's only because the pattern naming people stink at their job. Good thing I'm around to rename things on a whim.


Not only was Anna thrilled with her new hat but as should be expected so were the other three children. So much so that they looked around expectantly trying to find their crocheted elf hats.

They had quite a time finding them too, seeing as how they didn't exist.

Of course being the pushover loving and doting mother that I am, I agreed to make the rest of them a hat and I now only have two left to finish. Then finally I'll be able to wear MY green elf hat without having to chase a little person through the house and tackling them or challenging somebody to a thumb wrestling match for dibs on it.


As you probably can't tell in the pictures, Annie really truly adores her hat and wears it all day long. Unfortunately Anna moves at the same rate per second as a hummingbird which you probably know only slows down long enough to gather nectar before zooming off again.

Hence the non-smiling slightly odd look on my child's face. In order to get her hummingbird wannabe self to sit still for a photo I had her father bribe her with the chocolate that her mouth is full of in the photos.

In other news my baby bro who I absolutely want to be like one day when I grow up will be celebrating his wedding anniversary in a few months. I love this picture from his wedding and really want to draw it for him and my sister-in-law Carrie. I'm thinking of working it in both charcoal and colored pencils although I might go with pastels too.

Aren't they just the cutest couple?

All I have to do first is finish these other fifty trillion projects I've got started. It doesn't help that I ordered and just received yesterday a Navajo Spindle so that I can spin my own yarn. I've already spun a small ball of the world's slubbiest and uneven yarn ever, but that's a post for a different day.

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