Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Baker Be... Not me!

No, seriously... I mean it.
What? Why??!
Drool, over a uh... um... what is that? A tube of Santa? Why would that make me drool?

Pfttt... it isn't a tube of Santa. What is wrong with you people? It is obviously a tube of Sugar Cookie flavored lip balm from Avon.

Well, it's obviously something from Avon anyhow, you can gather that much from the picture. Jon received it in his stocking this year. Then I realized that it was frosted lip balm and decided that even though Santa is an idiot, Santa can have the lip balm back and keep it for himself. Herself. Me. I stole it from him, he still doesn't know so don't tell him.

I just don't think Jon would look that great with shimmering, pale pink lips. Then again, maybe he would? We'll never know because I'm not giving this back to him. They're sold out of it on the Avon website and it's mine. Mine! All MINE!!!

Sorry, got a little carried away.

Little tubes of Santa can do that to a person.

The reason this nom nummy Sugar Cookie lip balm made it to my simple pleasures 365 project is because of the smell. It doesn't taste that great, kind of waxy and very much un-sugar cookie like, but the smell is out of this world.

I can't help but to walk around attempting to sniff my own lips after I put it on. No seriously I do, and I need to stop doing that because it means that I walk around looking like this:

If you didn't know that I was trying to smell my lip balm you'd probably assume that I was making that face because I was sad. Or asleep. Or a moron.

Maybe all of the above? Probably just the latter though.

I can't just throw it away and not use it any longer because I love it so. Instead I decided that if I absolutely must catch a whiff then I would just keep my eyes open while doing it.

I think it's a vast improvement, don't you:


Don't try to convince me to just un-cap the stupid thing and smell it that way.

It isn't the same.

You may also forget convincing me to just go buy a candle with that scent.

What kind of a weirdo carries around a candle in thier purse? Besides, candles aren't this cute.

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